Invisible Cities

When the Pulitzer-nominated musical adaptation of Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” premiered at Los Angeles Union Station in 2013, The Industry’s cutting-edge production became the hottest ticket in town. But it took a tremendous amount of ingenuity and imagination to adapt the live, immersive experience for video.


The Industry


Producer, Editor, Designer

A Puzzling Narrative

In this haunting adaptation of “Invisible Cities” by composer Christopher Cerrone, the audience roamed freely throughout Los Angeles Union Station while experiencing the live performance through Sennheiser wireless headphones. My challenge was to turn a complex, multi-threaded narrative experience into a lucid storyline for streaming audiences.


An Editing Challenge

The film combines footage from the live, theatrical performance with music from the studio recording. In addition to carefully resyncing and retiming every frame of video to align with the studio album, I also created an ambient soundscape using field recordings of the station itself.

A Design Collaboration

In addition to producing and editing the “Invisible Cities” film, I collaborated with artist Traci Larson to design the DVD packaging, and created an interactive website that incorporated footage from the production.

The “Invisible Cities” film premiered at the Warner Grand in Los Angeles in 2013, ahead of the DVD and album release.